SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizing Machine Review

March 2, 2018 | By Peter Stanza | Filed in: CPAP Product Reviews.

If you are using CPAP device for controlling the symptoms of sleep apnea, you might be contemplating opting for a cleaning machine to keep your breathing device free of germs. Some of you might be wondering whether it’s worth buying yourself the cleaning machine.

OK, I’ll be honest. For the average CPAP user, I really don’t see the point in the SoClean product. If you clean your mask and CPAP accessories regularly, you will not catch anything. Your CPAP equipment will not harbor infectious diseases. In fact, when ResMed was asked by authorities how to make sure that CPAP machines were not harboring the Bird Flu virus, ResMed’s response was to simply (and I paraphrase) let the CPAP machine run for a few minutes before putting the mask on.

For the most part, these sanitisers are capitalizing on users fear of germs. However, such a device might be worthwhile considering if you are immunocompromised, or really do appreciate the comforting feeling that everything is hospital grade clean. In addition, these devices may be suitable for sleep labs, or for sanitizing trial masks between patients.

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Does it do what it advertises?

Yes, the SoClean 2 machine cleans 99.9% of germs. After all, its a sanitizer; that’s what they do.

Is it easy to use?

The SoClean 2 is purpose built for use with CPAP masks and machines. It is built to sit on your bedside table next to your CPAP machine. Admittedly, when I tried one out for myself, it was very simple to use, and convenient. It reduced how often I had to pull apart my CPAP mask and equipment for cleaning (although I still continued to do so). It added no significant steps to my morning or evening routine. Once I had it setup beside my bed, I simply took my mask off in the morning, placed it in the chamber (with the hose running through the designated groove), and shut the lid. The machine turns on automatically and turns itself off when it is done.

There has been a debate about the usefulness of CPAP cleaning machines and how effective they are at removing the harmful germs from your device. Most patients with sleep apnea are left in dilemma about whether using a cleaning machine would be a good option. In this article, we will discuss all these points and review SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizing Machine based on its features. We will also have a look at the different pros and cons of this machine to help you take an informed decision.

What is SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizing Machine?

SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner Machine, as the name suggests, is a device you can use to sanitize your CPAP machine. Patients who suffer from a sleeping dysfunction such as sleep apnea know how important it is to effectively clean their CPAP equipment.

CPAP device is recommended for the patients who experience frequent disruptions in their sleep due to breathing difficulties. CAPA machine can help them breathe well and thus, enable them to sleep well.

However, there’s a catch here!

Using CPAP means you are breathing through a machine, which, if not cleaned and sanitized regularly, can harbor bacteria, fungi and viruses. So, you may end up breathing in infected air that could increase your risk of infections in the lungs and air passages.

That is why; using a SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizing Machine is recommended. Let us have a look at the features of this product.

Product Features: SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizing Machine

  • Destroys 99.9% of CPAP the bacteria, viruses, and fungi without the use of water and harsh chemicals
  • Compatibly with a broad range of CPAP devices
  • FDA registered
  • Independently lab tested

Advantages of SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizing Machine

Higher efficiency

SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaning Machine claims to kill up to 99.9% of the harmful germs that could be thriving in your CPAP equipment. It would thoroughly clean and sanitize the hose, mask, and even the water reservoir of your equipment, if it has one.

This is the best feature of SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner considering the fact that microbes tend to thrive in the moist environments. Your CPAP device offers a perfect favorable environment for these pathogens to survive and multiply. These facts make using SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner a wise choice for keeping your breathing device free of germs.

Ease and convenience

Washing your CPAP equipment manually with a gentle disinfectant and cleaner can be a time-consuming task. It requires you to do it all by yourself. On the other hand, SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaning Machine works on its own and saves your time and efforts.

You just need to put your device into the machine and switch it on. It does all the work for you while you can use this time to complete your other important tasks. Hence, it is suitable for the people interested in keeping their equipment clean, but don’t have the time to work on it every day.


Some users have expressed concerns about whether their masks would fit in SoClean 2 CPAP cleaning machine. This should not be an issue as the chamber of this machine has wide dimensions. So, even a full face-mask can fit inside it without any trouble.

Special considerations

SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaning Machine is suitable for the patients who are prone to respiratory infections due to a low immunity.

Would I buy one for myself?

To be blunt; no. I just don’t find that that bit of extra convenience is worth the investment. For some people, it is. I’m quite happy cleaning my CPAP mask and equipment in dishwashing liquid and water. If you maintain a regular cleaning schedule, you shouldn’t need to. However, there is some use to it if you are really bad at keeping your mask and CPAP equipment clean, and you don’t mind having this unit sitting on your bedside table as well.

SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner Pros and Cons

  • This machine has a sleek design. So, it looks good and can stand out anywhere.
  • It also has a front display, which alerts you when the cleaning process is finished.
  • It also has features that you can customize for what you want to stay in the cleaner and for how long.
  • The indicator light in this machine turns at certain stages of the cleaning cycle. This gives you an idea as to how much time is left before the entire process is completed. So, you can continue with the other chores without any disturbance.

One factor that most users do not like about this cleaning machine is you have to fill up its water reservoir frequently.  So, if you were to put any part of your CPAP device in the cleaning machine without sufficient water in it, it wouldn’t work at its best. However, the machine has an indicator light that flashes on when the water level is less. So, the all it takes you is to be a little vigilant when you start the machine and fill in water in case the indicator is on.

To be honest, an average CPAP user may not see a point in using SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizing Machine. Most patients would prefer to sanitize their CPAP device with regular soap and water in their sink.

However, the manual cleaning method may not guarantee complete removal of the germs. Remember, you are breathing through your CPAP device. So, any germ build-up in the machine will directly enter into your lungs and cause infection. This risk can be hugely eliminated by replacing manual cleaning with the machine cleaning of your device.

The higher effectiveness of this machine to the level of 99.99% for removing the pathogens is an advantage that cannot be overlooked. Doesn’t this make sense?

You always have the option to follow the manual cleaning method if you think you have enough time and patience to clean your CPAP device thoroughly on a regular basis. If your hectic lifestyle is keeping you busy, you can opt for SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner Machine to save your time and efforts and be sure you are breathing in clean and safe air.

Who should buy one?

    1. If you absolutely loathe cleaning your CPAP mask and machine, buy one if you can afford it.
    2. It is also recommended for patients who are immunocompromised and who are particularly susceptible to getting sick.

Otherwise, clean your mask and machine as normal.

Here is a useful guide to cleaning your CPAP mask.

You can check out the price of the SoClean 2 device <<HERE>>.


Cheers, Pete


SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer

SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer

Ease of Use

10.0 /10


8.0 /10

Build Quality

9.0 /10


  • Easy to use
  • Does what it says on the tin


  • Added bedside clutter
  • Maintenance
  • Expensive

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6 comments on “SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizing Machine Review

  1. michael masterson says:

    what evidence do you have, other than marketing materials, that it kills 99.9% of germs?

    • bjdavies says:

      Alas, it is definitely a marketing term used generally across all disinfectants. I automatically think of dettol when it comes to this now.

      Although stating a 99.9% kill rate of microbes is a bit pretentious; ozone is regularly used to disinfect operating theatres, water, (among oth.

      One study that looks to the antibacterial properties can be found here at the Journal of Dentistry.

      In addition, the SoClean lab report can be found here

  2. Payton Amneus says:

    What is your basisi for saying that the SoClean2 cleans 99.9% of germs and is the term cleans the same as sanitizes.

    Ozone, which is purportedly what the SoClean uses to sanitize is not a very stable form of oxygen and I am not sure that enough of it remains to clean everything. Plus I am not sure that the concentration of ozone is when created and when at the point of sanitizing action. I just do not trust their claims.

    • bjdavies says:

      The terminology can be tricky, I know I often get caught. If I used the words clean and sanitize interchangeably, it was a mistake. Clean basically mean to remove visible soiling or foreign material. The word sanitization is a little bit ambiguous, but I find it is often synonymous with disinfection. And then there is next-level; sterilization.

      As to the concentration of Aerosol Ozone that is created in this device, I cannot speak (I intend to find out though, watch this space). Yes, Ozone is particularly unstable, with a half-life of about 22 minutes (i.e. half will revert back to water and oxygen after 22 minutes). However, this is also a blessing, as it reverts back to harmless oxygen and water molecules after it is done poking holes in the cell walls and membranes of microbes (kind of like poking holes in a water balloon is how I envision it).

      Honestly, I wouldn’t trust the device to clean everything. I’d still be wiping it over with a unscented wipe.

      Ozone has been cleared by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention as a suitable means to process (i.e. sterilize) reusable medical equipment. Sterilization is as good as it gets, and is basically a 100% kill rate. Admittedly, to achieve a SAL of 10^-6 (so effectively killings 99.9999% of the surface microbes) equipment needs to be exposed for more than 4 hours.

      I’m not saying it will sterilize the mask, I’m only speaking of Ozone’s capacity to disinfect and sterilize equipment.

      Interesting question though, I’ll endeavor to find out the ppm concentration of ozone that the SoClean produces; as you can see from this article the relative concentrations greatly influence the exposure time required to disinfect surfaces.

      There is a lab report that can be found here. Although it doesn’t answer the 99.9% question, it does speak to how well the SoClean disinfects the CPAP mask surface.

      I hope something in there helps.


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