Sani Bot CPAP Mask Sanitizer and Cleaning Machine

April 19, 2017 | By Peter Stanza | Filed in: CPAP Product Reviews.

We are all guilty of being a bit lazy sometimes, especially when it comes to cleaning our CPAP equipment. CPAP Mask Cleaning Machines are meant to make this process easier and less of a chore.

But does the Sani Bot Mask Cleaner and Sanitizer fit the bill?

Initial Impression

First impressions are important to all of us, and the sales page for Sani Bot Mask Sanitizer and Cleaner looks like English is their second language. It is filled with grammatical errors and unverified claims about it’s competitors.

However, we are not here to analyse the quality of the advertisement: we want to know whether the Sani Bot works.

The reviews on Amazon at the moment are very positive. Purchasers appear to love how easy the machine is to use, and how clean it gets their CPAP masks.

In addition, from a price perspective, it is nearly half the price of the market leader; SoClean 2. However, the SaniBot does rely on ‘cleaning tablets’ that are put into the machine with each cycle which would add to the long-term costs of using the Sani Bot device.

Sani Bot Cleaning Tablets

Sani Bot claims that Ozone doesn’t work

Despite what the Sani Bot manufacturers would like you to think, Ozone does work in cleaning and sanitizing your CPAP equipment. The sellers claim that Ozone has been ‘scientifically proven to be ineffective’ have no evidence to back it up. However, they are ambiguous about what Ozone is ineffective in doing. Perhaps they are talking about Ozone’s properties in making you into a superhero.

I have researched Marvel and DC Comics extensively, and couldn’t find any evidence of Ozone in any origin stories!

Will the Sani Bot save you time?

On a daily basis, you can get away with wiping your CPAP mask with a wet cloth, some CPAP wipes or some baby wipes. It is quick, easy and keeps your mask clean in between those more involved cleans.

For the Sani Bot sanitizing and cleaning device, the following steps are involved:

    1. 1. Filling the Sani Bot device up with water


    1. 2. disconnecting the mask from the tubing and putting it in this cleaner


    1. 3. adding the tablet and turning it on


    4. emptying the water from the cleaner on a daily basis (which is how it is recommended it is used) is unlikely to save you anymore time that simply wiping it over.

sani Bot CPAP Cleaner

This is clearly more involved than giving your mask a wipe over, and in my opinion the SaniBot is too difficult to use on a daily basis.

In contrast, the SoClean 2 device is used without having to disconnect the mask from the tubing, and can be used on the bedside without needing to empty a container every use. The SoClean 2 device actually is really easy to use. It can be placed on the bedside table without having to make trips to the bathroom to empty and fill the water chamber.

Overall Impression

Not a good everyday mask cleaner and sanitizer. Spend the extra money and buy the SoClean2 if that is what you want to use it for.

The Sani Bot Mask Cleaner and Sanitizer is best used to clean your CPAP mask on your once-a-week or bi-weekly ‘deep clean’ cycle. I don’t recommend it to be used for the day to day cleaning of your CPAP mask, because you probably won’t use it as it’s just too cumbersome to use.

Best for

Someone who wipes their mask over every day, and gives their mask a good going over once a week. For them, this product would be useful in making that weekly deep clean easier.

Would I buy one?

No, no I would not.



Sani Bot CPAP Mask Sanitizer and Cleaning Machine

Sani Bot CPAP Mask Sanitizer and Cleaning Machine

Ease of Use

8.0 /10


4.0 /10

Build Quality

7.0 /10


  • Cleans Very Well
  • Easy to Use


  • Time Consuming
  • Need to be Near Sink


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