Resmed AirFit N20 Nasal Mask Preview

December 6, 2016 | By Peter Stanza | Filed in: CPAP Mask Reviews.

The N20 is the newest nasal mask offering from ResMed, and as expected from the name is basically looks like the love child of ResMed’s N10 and Respironics Wisp masks. However, there have been a few tweaks that makes this mask look like it will be a real winner.

Hello infinity seal

With the new range of masks, ResMed has introduced a new cushion design called the infinity seal. They claim that the N20 will fit 99.4% of faces, and 75% of patients found it more stable over their current mask. In addition, 71% said they preferred it over their current mask.

ResMed N20 Nasal Mask Cushion

The cushion is very similar to the one supplied with the Mirage FX. This was an excellent mask for ResMed, it fitted well for most people and represented a shift in CPAP mask design. It was the first of the lightweight, unobtrusive designs we have today. The shape of the standard size in this range was excellent, and fitted most peoples noses really well. We just hope they get the sizing of the Large and Small sizes right with the N20 (they were found wanting with the Mirage FX).

For most people, the standard size will be fine if the Mirage FX is anything to go by. The differences between the cushion seal design look minimal but it will be easier to assess when we have a closer look.

The frame and headgear.

The headgear and frame is a major improvement from both the Mirage FX and AirFit N10 mask. Honestly, it looks like ResMed have cut-and-pasted the frame from Respironics’ popular Wisp mask. One might think they added their own headgear and mask cushion, and pronounced ‘voila’.

ResMed N20 Mask Frame

ResMed N20 Mask headgear

Indubitably the Wisp was one of the most successful mask offerings from Respironics. We think combining the Wisp frame with ResMed’s nasal cushion should produce a comfortable, stable nasal mask. Especially when you add ResMed’s lightweight, breathable, and durable headgear in place of Respironics headgear.

Magnets – I find you attractive

I just like the idea of the magnetic headgear clips. They just work, and ,for anyone with limited dexterity they are a clear winner. It you get the two sides of the clips close enough, it just snaps into place. I don’t think there is an easier headgear clip on the market, and they generally stay in place.

The Elbow and Hose.

The mask elbow will likely be a weak point on this mask (although its possible I’m being a little picky here). It is good to see that ResMed have incorporated the squeeze tab elbow release again, however, these have also been known to fatigue with constant use and often split. Whether or not these issues have been resolved with the N20, we will see when people have been using it for an extended time.

ResMed N20 Elbow and Hose

The hose is lightweight. These lightweight hoses have had some issues with durability. Hoses fatiguing and splitting over time has continued to plague these designs as mask manufacturers constantly strive for lighter and lighter masks. Time will tell if this hose will stand the test of time.

N20 – The Verdict.

This mask will indubitably be a top contender for nasal mask of the year. It has the hallmarks of an excellent and widely accepted mask, and until proven otherwise is our top pick. Everything seems to be there. It looks comfortable, lightweight and easy to use. All indications point to a well fitting cushion with a stable headgear and mask frame.

We recommend you give it a crack!

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