ResMed AirFit F10 Full Face Mask

February 20, 2016 | By Peter Stanza | Filed in: CPAP Mask Reviews.

ResMed’s F10 mask is innovative, and probably the lightest full face mask we have ever seen. It is our pick of the open-face design, full face CPAP masks. But has ResMed forgone durability in order to produce this featherweight mask? We answer the most important questions in our preview of this CPAP mask.

ResMed has, quite simply, produced many of the best CPAP masks ever. CPAP therapy is, and always has been their core business and they continue to lead the pack in mask design and innovation.

Little changed with the introduction of the AirFit range of CPAP masks. For the most part, they were the lightest masks available at their release, and have managed to weather any competition the competitors have thrown at them.

The Cushion

At the core of any good CPAP mask is the mask cushion. It is little secret that the rest of the mask is built around the cushion, and without a good cushion, the mask has no chance of successfully performing it’s job.

It’s job? To provide a comfortable and secure seal between the CPAP equipment and the CPAP user’s airways.

ResMed AirFit F10 Cushion and Frame

We have found that the cushions on the AirFit F10 Mask are similar to the old faithful Mirage Quattro Mask. This is no mistake, as it was incredibly successful, and despite it’s bulkiness was a better mask than it’s close relative, the Quattro FX Full Face mask. The shape of the cushion, including the double walled cushion itself, is based loosely around the ever popular ResMed Mirage Quattro full face mask. The main difference? The F10 cushion seals further down the nose than the Mirage Quattro, and the change in the silicone texture, to a frosted silicone. The cushion as a result loses it’s ‘tackiness’ and does not stick to the skin as well. This frosted silicone is meant to prevent soreness caused by the silicone seal and be more comfortable; however a side effect is that it doesn’t maintain it’s seal as well as previous models.

… and Mask Frame

For a full-face mask, the F10 mask cushion is pretty comfortable. The frosted silicone is soft, less prone to cause skin irritation and pressure soreness. In fact, we believe it is one of the best full face masks for patients with easily damaged skin, especially across the bridge of the nose.

We have found that previous incarnations of the open-face mask design have talked the talk, but have not walked the walk. We are happy to say that this is the exception. Sure, the Quatro FX worked well for some people; but not without it’s problems. The F10 is stable, mainly due to the frame’s re-design (the pull-points especially), and basing the mask cushion around the more traditional full face mask cushion design. ResMed representatives openly admitted that the angle that the Quattro FX was pulled, and the design of where the top strap attached to the mask led to the mask being less stable during the night, and often losing it’s seal.

Exhalation Port

The vent location is contained within the mask frame/cushion itself. ResMed have continued with their trend of having a circular vent surrounding where the elbow connects; simply because this works. It is quiet, generally unobtrusive, and because it is venting in a circular fashion there are no outrageously strong air vents pointing straight at your bed partner; after all, they want a good nights sleep as well.

Headgear and ease-of-use

The headgear is light, durable, comfortable and easy to use. ResMed have redesigned their headgear for the AirFit range, and they are great. They have kept the same velcro tabs that have worked so well for many years, but have made the headgear lighter. In addition, it breathes more betterer (yes, I’m aware this isn’t a word). Sure, side-sleepers might experience some marking in the morning, but nothing that won’t disappear before leaving the house.

ResMed AirFit F10 Headgear

Honestly, we believe ResMed had the best headgear on the market. This headgear is an improvement.

This full face mask is very simple to use. ResMed has continued to use the silicone ‘hook’ for their full face masks, which works a treat; it’s good for those with low dexterity. The rubber tabs on the elbow are easy to find, and the mask will detach easily from the tubing for those late-night bathroom visits. Like any mask, it takes a few attempts to get used to removing it, adjusting it, and putting it on at night. But, it is one of the easier ones on the market again.

With only 4 parts, for a full-face mask it’s easy to assemble and dissassemble. No more to say.

ResMed Airfit F10 for her Mask Parts


One thing we have found is that the silicone can detach when under pressure. This is mainly due to over-tightening, but it is a weak point of these masks. The headgear is of typical ResMed quality, and looks to be well constructed, durable, and long-lasting.

Parting Thoughts

Overall, we firmly believe that the ResMed AirFit F10 full face masks is one of the best full face masks available. The cushion is likely the best on the market, and the headgear is typical ResMed: comfortable and durable. Well worth a try if you are in the market for a new full face mask. As long as you don’t need to over tighten the mask to get it to seal, it should be comparatively durable as well.

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