Respironics DreamStation AutoSet In-Depth Review

August 5, 2016 | By Peter Stanza | 11 Comments | Filed in: CPAP Machine Reviews.

[SIPC_Content] It has been a few months since Respironics released their new DreamStation family of CPAP machines to the world. The DreamStation joins ResMed’s AirSense series as a new-generation CPAP machine, with a few novel and interesting upgrades compared to the RemStar models. Note: If after reading this review you consider buying the Respironics DreamStation, • Read More »

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CPAP Masks for Beards, Mostaches, and Facial Hair

August 2, 2016 | By Peter Stanza | No Comments | Filed in: CPAP Advice.

[SIPC_Content] Any sort of facial hair, including beards, goatees and mustaches can increase the chance of mask leak. For CPAP therapy to work properly, a good seal is required with the airways. The reason this seal is required is to contain the higher pressure within the airways. A bad seal allows this pressure to escape, • Read More »