RemZzzs Padded Full Face CPAP Mask Liners Review

RemZzzs Mask Liners

RemZzzs CPAP Mask Liners offers a solution to mask leaks, skin irritation, and sweating caused by wearing a CPAP mask. No matter what, wearing a CPAP mask can be a frustrating experience for many. In my personal experience, I have found RemZzzs CPAP liners to be an important last-line of defense for those on the […]

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Fisher & Paykel Brevida Nasal Pillow Mask Preview

Brevida: the new nasal pillow mask from Fisher and Paykel. It looks like a massive improvement on the Pilairo range. More stable, lighter, and a smaller profile than the Pilairo range. In addition it has moved away from the ill-fated ‘one-size-fits-all’ mask cushion. Through the review, I refer back to Fisher and Paykels previous attempt […]

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ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet In-Depth

ResMed AirSense AutoSet

It’s been over a year since ResMed’s new range of AirSense CPAP machines was released to the world. This range replaces their highly successful S9 range in a more compact and lighter package. All while adding a few creature comforts that will make using CPAP even easier than before. Admittedly, the AirSense AutoSet has been […]

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How Can I Serve You Better?

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So, I’m still in the early stages of setting the CPAP reviews site up, and I’d like to get some feedback about exactly what you are looking for from CPAPreviews.org before tumbling too far down the rabbit hole. I have made a few changes. We are now on facebook, and you can find us at […]

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Philips Respironics DreamWear Nasal Mask

No matter how you categorize the Philips Respironics Dreamwear mask, it’s certainly unique. Respironics has thrown a number of novel design features which has turned CPAP mask design on its head (excuse the pun). A real winner for some CPAP users. Not all its cracked up to be for others. Unboxing So, what comes in […]

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Comparing expiratory relief in different CPAP machines

[SIPC_CONTENT] The most subtle differences in CPAP machines can often mean the difference between being successful with therapy, and being the proud owner of a very expensive paperweight. One of the most widely implemented comfort features on modern CPAP machines is a form of expiratory relief. This is where the pressure delivered by the CPAP […]

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