Contour CPAPMax Pillow 2.0 Reviews

July 31, 2017 | By Peter Stanza | Filed in: CPAP Product Reviews.

Let’s talk about the Contour CPAPmax Pillow 2.0…

Sleeping with a CPAP mask can be a pain, especially if we like to sleep on our side (like me). Although the mask may fit nicely and have a solid seal whilst sleeping on our back, as soon as we turn over on our side, conventional pillows push the mask sideways, causing it to lose it’s seal and leak uncontrollably. Tightening the mask headgear either doesn’t work, or causes the mask to so tight that it makes using CPAP uncomfortable often resulting in pressure sores.

Then it may be worth considering investing in a CPAP pillow…

The CPAPmax pillow 2.0 from Contour is one of the most popular CPAP pillows on the market, and has helped many CPAP patients succeed at therapy when they otherwise might have given up. As the name suggests, it is the updated version of Contour’s popular CPAPmax pillow and has some important improvements to the first design.


CPAPMax Pillow 2.0 Side-Sleeping

The CPAPmax Pillow 2.0 is designed first-and-foremost with side-sleepers in mind. It has grooves on either end of the pillow which allows you to roll over on the left and right side without pushing the mask off your face.


  • Shipping weight is 3.2 pounds (1.5 kg)
  • Full dimensions are 20 x 13 x 5.2 inches, although the height can be adjusted.
  • Adjustable height
  • Two levels of firmness depending what side of the pillow you use
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Ergonomically designed

Adjustable Height

Contour’s CPAPmax Pillow 2.0 allows you to adjust the height of your pillow by removing and/or adding inserts. It is adjustable between 2.25 and 5.25 inches high.

CPAPmax Pillow 2.0 Adjustable

The original CPAPmax was not adjustable, and therefore was not suitable for everyone. This resulted in many raving fans, and some people who were clearly disappointed with the product – nursing a sore neck. Since the CPAPmax Pillow 2.0 is adjustable, it caters for most CPAP users.

Different softness levels

In addition to being adjustable, each side of the CPAPmax Pillow 2.0 is made of different composite materials. This allows for different comfort levels to be accounted for on each side – one side is softer than the other. Unlike the story of Goldilocks and the Three bears, you will not have to change pillows if you find it too soft or too hard.

CPAPMax Pillow Layers

On one side – the dark side… (the grey side) is a charcoal-infused high resiliency layer which gives added support. This side is firmer.

The other side – the blue side – is softer than the grey side. This side is made up of memory foam, and provides a softer feel and additional comfort.

What others have to say about the Contour CPAPmax Pillow 2.0

Pillows are a fickle thing. A pillow that you absolutely adore, might be a pain in the neck (excuse the pun) for someone else. There are always going to be some people where a certain pillow just does not work for them.

Surprisingly, the CPAPmax Pillow 2.0 has overwhelmingly positive users from it’s users. The majority of people that have used the pillow are raving fans, despite it’s hefty price tag (for a pillow). People can’t get enough of it.

Some of the more useful reviews

  • I was doubting if I could handle CPAP long term because of the amount of discomfort I had with my mask. I think this pillow has changed that. I’m an active stomach sleeper. I had a lot of trouble with being woken up because of air leakage / hissing coming from my mask because I couldn’t find a sleeping position where I had a good seal and was comfortable. I noticed a huge difference after using this pillow. It provides good support for the rest of my head with the cutout perfectly positioned to alleviate pressure on the mask. Having the cutouts on both sides allows me to roll over easily without a lot of fuss. I took out the 3/4″ center layer to make the pillow a bit thinner which puts less pressure on my neck. Great product!
  • I am a side sleeper who uses a full mask due to a deviated septum. Had leak problems on my side and was sleeping in positions that weren’t comfortable due to this. I’ve only had the pillow a week. After making a size adjustment after the first night, I’m back to sleeping on my side (like a baby I might add) with minimal leakage. Thanks for a great product!!!
  • The versatile Contour Products 15-551R features memory foam on one side and fluffy fiberfill on the other, so it’s as if you get two pillows in one. It’s well-ventilated, won’t cause you to wake up with a sweaty cheek, and is available with three different color cases.

What we think

The Contour CPAPmax Pillow 2.0 is very likely the best commercially-available CPAP pillow for side-sleepers. Despite it’s relatively hefty price tag, it has been the saving grace for many CPAP users – who now won’t use their CPAP without it. Being adjustable with different comfort levels also means that this pillow is very likely going to work for you – where you might have to buy multiple pillows from other manufacturers until you find the right one.

If you are a side sleeper, and are happy to part with the cash – we think that this CPAP pillow should be your first choice.

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Contour CPAPMax Pillow 2.0

Contour CPAPMax Pillow 2.0

Ease of Use

7.0 /10


9.0 /10


9.0 /10


  • Adjustable
  • Breatheable
  • Different Comfort Levels
  • Great for Side-Sleepers


  • Not perfect for back-sleepers
  • Expensive

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