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Cleaning Your CPAP Mask

Dirty Pig Nose

It’s Good Hygeine Keeping your CPAP mask clean and germ-free is the absolute best way to reduce to risk of infection from your CPAP machine. – It touches your skin. – You breathe and cough into it. – It becomes damp and can get warm. All of these things combined create an environment perfect for […]

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Will a CPAP Machine Stop My Snoring?

snoring koala

The short of it is, yes, a CPAP machine will stop your snoring. Although, I definitely do not recommend that everyone that snores goes on CPAP. In my opinion, that´s just overkill. This is assuming that it is setup correctly, with the correct pressure and the mask is fitting well. Afterall, a leaking mask can […]

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Bricking CPAP Machines: A Contentious Issue

Red Brick Wall

This started as a post about the new ResMed AirStart; but it gradually turned into a discussion about the ‘bricking’ of CPAP machines. This topic needs a post all to itself. It is a complicated issue that gets peoples backs up. CPAP users often feel ripped off as a result of the practice, and it […]

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Comparing expiratory relief in different CPAP machines

[SIPC_CONTENT] The most subtle differences in CPAP machines can often mean the difference between being successful with therapy, and being the proud owner of a very expensive paperweight. One of the most widely implemented comfort features on modern CPAP machines is a form of expiratory relief. This is where the pressure delivered by the CPAP […]

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What are the best CPAP Masks for Side Sleepers?

Side sleeping

Nearly 70% of people sleep on their side. Unfortunately, this is when most CPAP masks tend to leak. Although CPAP mask manufacturers design masks with side sleepers in mind (they would be silly not to), its a difficult task and problems can arise when we turn on our side. The usual advice for CPAP users […]

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